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A Closer Look at ClearPier’s Acquisition of PubPlus Nine Months Later

Traction within the company’s big picture bodes well for all clients and partners of the company worldwide.  

In May of last year, ClearPier, one of Canada’s largest performance advertising technology companies, acquired Israeli advertising technology company PubPlus. Flash forward, and this acquisition would precede the company’s subsequent snapping up of Cygobel Media, and most recently, Hang My Ads, as part of a sequence of such deals. In line with the company’s vision and steady march to provide one-stop solution and services for all things tech driven performance, which the Cygobel and Hand My Ads purchases also reflect, the deal was significant and essentially multiplied the global opportunity. 

Since its acquisition by ClearPier, PubPlus has leveraged ClearPier’s vast business network to quadruple its B2B activity, branching into Asia, Europe, Northern Africa and Latin America. This traction within the company’s big picture bodes well for all clients and partners of the company worldwide.  

“The ClearPier team has allowed us to unlock PubPlus’ true potential by paving the way to significant business expansion. We are currently in the process of fusing our technology together with ClearPier to deliver both advertisers and publishers, on mobile and web, unparalleled value,” said Gil Bar-Tur, CEO of PubPlus. 

As a revenue attribution platform and marketing technology helping advertisers maximize their profit for ultimate ROI while practicing content marketing, PubPlus is quickly doing its part to manifest CEO Sunil Abraham’s vision for an holistic solution for advertisers and publishers.

“With Cygobel and Hang My Ads both now being integrated, following our purchase of PubPlus, the totality of our offering for outcomes driven performance marketers could not be more powerful,” said Abraham. “As it has ignited over the past 24 months, this evolution will continue over the next few years, of great benefit to all.”

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