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20nine Launches Wellbeing at Work (W@W) Live to Support Employees’ Overall Health

Partnering with Wellbeing at Work (W@W) Live, the creative agency is using the science-backed platform to help employees take a holistic approach to their health.

20nine, a purpose-first creative consultancy, announced today that the agency is strengthening its commitment to the health and wellbeing of its employees through the partnership and launch of the Wellbeing at Work (W@W) Live science-backed platform, which provides personalized wellness strategies for all employees. The 20nine leadership team believes that now is a pivotal time to implement this program, specifically due to the stressful conditions brought on by the pandemic, politics, and the economy.

With a focus on the six aspects of overall wellbeing – emotional, career, community, financial, physical, and social – the platform is an exclusive partnership designed by Careots and powered by Gallup and uses a proven framework and assessments to deliver immediate value and provide personalized journeys. By implementing the program, companies are empowered to create a thriving, resilient, and engaged workforce. Although for 20nine, strengthening their workforce is simply a welcomed byproduct. 

“Our focus is less about company performance and more about removing the barriers that make it challenging for our staff to seek wellbeing and joy, which has traditionally been off limits for many companies,” said 20nine COO Jason Weidner. “In the past, companies weren’t incentivized or prompted to do anything outside of maximizing efficiency through their workforce. But now, data indicates that maximizing self and removing barriers provides greater motivation, which equates to a healthier workforce.” 

With a Gallup study showing that 40% of workers reported worsening job quality since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers trying to acquire talent are promoting their great culture and employee experience. However, few, specifically in the agency world, are doing anything productive about it.

Jason continued, “At 20nine, we are taking a stand and supporting personal and professional fulfillment in a symbiotic way. The Wellbeing at Work Live program enables us to support our employees and help them become healthy and happy in all aspects of their lives.”

“Traditionally, agency hours are long, and the pay – or any pay for that matter – doesn’t justify the lack of self-fulfillment and work-life balance,” commented 20nine CEO Greg Ricciardi. “In fact, we know that the agency employee burnout rate is abysmal, and very few leaders are actually investing in employee wellness in the way they say they want to invest. As a purpose-driven company, 20nine wants to raise the bar and show the industry that we can all do better.”

The individualized journeys are continually optimized for each employee and based on assessment results, goals, and completed activities within each of the six areas of wellbeing. The journeys include resources provided by the program’s partners: Gallup, Happify by Twill, and Magellan Health. While personally identifiable information is private and not shared within the organization, the aggregated data enables the organization’s leadership to understand the overall wellbeing of their employees and, in turn, their organization. 

“Our philosophy is that everything starts and ends with wellbeing,” said Dante Pannell, VP of Business Development and Creative. “Businesses succeed when employees experience a thriving life, resilient mind, and engaging work. In general, we measure success based on sustainably improving the organization’s wellbeing. And because everything we develop is backed by science, we are confident in what our program offers and how impactful it is once implemented.”

Wellbeing at Work (W@W) Live is supporting local and global organizations from five lives to 500,000. To learn more about the program, please visit

About 20nine

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About Wellbeing at Work (W@W) Live

Fueled by Gallup science, Wellbeing at Work (W@W) Live takes the guesswork out of personalizing the journey for your employees to experience a thriving life, resilient mind, and engaging work.

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