Your elevator’s about to feel a lot slower

Captivate Captivate Network, with nearly 9,000 screens in elevators nationwide, has announced it will start accepting 30-second spots. Previously, the limit was :15. My initial reaction is that most elevator rides don't last that long, but Captivate insists the average is 45 seconds. My workplace ride's more like 20, so now I'll have to hit the "emergency stop" button just to finish the ads. Awesome; that's what America's all about. It's only a matter of time until some forward-thinking marketer pays a premium — split between Captivate and building management — to slow the rides down in order to maximize ad buys. Sure, it sounds like a satirical notion now, but if your trip to cube city took 5 seconds longer next week, and 5 more the week after, and 5 more the week after that, would you even notice? Before long, it'll take a half-hour to reach the third floor. (Photo credit: NicelySighted on Flickr.)

Posted by David Gianatasio