Woman sells out fetus for Super Bowl tix

Sorry, Golden Palace woman, but your throne of stupid has been usurped. That’s because diehard Bears fan Jennifer Gordon “will be advertising an online auctioning company on her bare, eight-months-pregnant belly at the Super Bowl.” In exchange for two 50-yard-line tickets, and the dignity of her unborn child, she will be a walking billboard for uBid.com, a company chosen from over 200 offers ranging from “wacky” to “X-rated.” Gordon’s idea was dubbed “My Body for Your Super Bowl Tickets,” which sounds like something you’d see in the personals, next to guys looking for Asian women who resemble Florence Henderson. But Jennifer has no regrets. “Baby Gordon will be the only person in his or her class to say, ‘Hey I was at Super Bowl 41,’ ” she tells the Chicago Sun-Times. Of course, he/she will also be the only person in his/her class to have been sold for Super Bowl tickets. Nothing a few years of therapy won’t fix. [Photo: Al Podgorski/Chicago Sun-Times]

—Posted by David Kiefaber