When did Stella Artois get so big?

Maybe 10 years ago, I hadn’t even heard of Stella Artois beer. Now it’s everywhere. (It’s on my mind today after reading about Stella’s involvement in the Sundance Film Festival.) Even if The Potable Curmudgeon doesn’t like Stella much (calling it “competently rendered”), it is the best-selling Belgian beer in the U.S. Of late, the import has been marketed under the line, “Perfection has its price.” The Web site is somewhat amusing, with a whole section on the “enchanting and sophisticated” Stella chalice and an in-depth explanation (with video) of a nine-step process for pouring a Stella, including one step that’s called “The Beheading.” You can also see a handful of TV spots, none of which feature Stanley Kowalski. And depending on your taste, you can order either the Stella Artois Fine Dining Pack or the Stella Artois Beer Tub.

—Posted by Tim Nudd