Was this Cadillac ad too close for comfort?

Gmad1We’ve all seen unfortunate juxtapositions between advertising and editorial content, so add this example to the annals. A reader sent along this visual to helpfully point out that one of the home page advertisers on the cover of the Wall Street Journal Online on Monday was Cadillac, with the ad positioned a little too close for comfort to the story about parent General Motors laying off 30,000 employees. Of course, GM’s woes are so widely known that the automaker’s situation is an undercurrent to just about every ad for the company’s cars; on the other hand, the company is well known for its editorial sensitivity and may not have been too happy about this media placement. It famously pulled its ads temporarily from The Los Angeles Times earlier this year over allegations that the paper published “factual errors and misrepresentations" about the company.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor