Vine’s Amanda Cerny Does a Historically Accurate Striptease for Breathless Resorts

A cheeky peek at the history of the bikini

Riding the viral success of numerous other evolution videos, a genre that started with "The Evolution of Dance," Breathless Resorts has scored a hit with "The Evolution of the Bikini"—an obvious crowd pleaser starring model and Vine star Amanda Cerny.

Vine stars are the new it thing in branded tie-ins, but there's nothing new about scoring hits for your brand via hot girls in bikinis. The almost two-minute clip, by digital creative agency Forge Apollo, covers the bathing suit's evolution from the 1890s to 2015 while it slowly uncovers Cerny in a through-the-decades striptease.

Her rack has already racked up 3 million views on YouTube and half a million more on Facebook. And as an extra bonus, you almost get to see Cerny topless. But the piece is more than pandering—it actually hits on the unique selling proposition of Breathless Resorts.

You see, Breathless Resorts occupies an interesting space in the resort market. It is an all-adults escape that is intended to save your vacation from the tyranny of other people's children, while also saving those in monogamous relationships from the sort of talk they'd have to have before heading off to other adults-only places like Hedonism Resorts—designed for swingers.

But that doesn't mean they still can't imagine the sort of naughty adult fun that might happen at a resort called Breathless whose the advertising involves a woman almost going topless. The vacation possibilities, like the ad, will be too titillating for many to ignore.