Vegas has a real soft spot for douchebags

Anyone who has spent appreciable time in Las Vegas interacting with other visitors could be forgiven if they returned home to weep for America. Let’s say some of the clientele is decidedly déclassé. is even more blunt about it in a promotion centered around the “douchebags” who descend on Sin City. In addition to offering a short “Are you a douchebag?” quiz, it seeks out photos of “douchebaggery” in action for possible use in a future ad. You might want to comb through your shots from the Strip for that pic of the gentleman with the mullet, jean shorts, fanny pack, wifebeater T-shirt and bad tattoos. Send them to And props to the creatives who got this idea through to execution. I imagine it will ruffle a few feathers. Via AdPulp, among others.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey