Too much, Crispin Porter’s magic bus!

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky’s Boulder, Colo., office has a bus that takes some employees to work. Good for them. It runs on bio-diesel fuel and includes WiFi and a GPS locator. They call it the “Disruptive Thinker Transport.” For some reason, it’s adorned with fake bullet holes. Alex Bogusky tells a local newspaper: “It’s designed to look like a prison bus.” Good one, Alex. Prison buses are a regular riot, though not in the “ha ha” sense. The agency says Alex doesn’t ride every day. Can’t blame him—he might get stuck sitting next to that art director intern and have to endure an endless air-guitar solo and pleas for future employment. Though I wonder, does working at Crispin feel like being in prison? Perhaps some employees will opt for the “Straight Talk Express” and comment below. Read more over at The Denver Egotist.

—Posted by David Gianatasio