For those who work in Excel, we salute you

AC/DC has released its latest video, for "Rock 'N Roll Train," in glorious low-res ASCII style. That's right, a version of the video has been whipped up in ASCII type using Microsoft Excel macros, creating the world's first music video in Excel format. That's a video of the document in action above. But don't make the mistake of thinking there's audio embedded in the Excel file, as the video would have you believe. The error noise keeps the beat as the ASCII video plays, but otherwise there's no sound. (You can click on links in the document to download the tracks.) The band claims it's providing this version for fans at companies that block YouTube. Since all their old fans have ditched their bouncing gigs and gotten office jobs by now, it makes sense. But with something this cool, do you even need a reason? It's already the office forward of the week. Now, if only more people would sign my petition to make Angus Young put on some freaking pants.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers