Take cover from Jet Angel’s branding ideas


If the company’s for real (and I’m praying it isn’t), Jet Angel‘s business model consists in large part of slapping client ad messages on decommissioned military equipment and parking these once-fearsome war machines in front of children’s hospitals. Yeah, that’ll boost a brand’s image. To hype itself in the political season, Jet Angel apparently drove McCain and Obama missiles around Manhattan and Washington, D.C., aimed them at local landmarks and sent the resulting pictures to the press. (See more pics here.) If the whole thing is a joke—i.e., an attempt at ironic humor or satire—it fails to meet the demands of the post-South Park era. (I know the show’s still on, but who watches anymore?) In the illustration on the company’s site, the hospital should be in ruins and the nurses’ hair on fire as they run screaming past the corporate-logo-emblazoned weaponry. The street-campaign should be Photoshopped to show the buildings ablaze—and why not toss in a Flogo Godzilla? My point: Real or not, Jet Angel, you bombed either way.

—Posted by David Gianatasio