Specsavers plumbs depths in ‘Das Boot’ ad


We're on a roll with the crazy animals. Last week we had the big amorous gorilla, the pat-a-cake-playing walrus and the singing octopus. And this week already we've seen the drugged-out moose and the horrible singing Quiznos kittens. We continue now with a whale in this online spot—a Das Boot parody—from the folks at U.K. eyeglass chain Specsavers. The crew of a German U-boat hears strange noises from outside the hull as their vessel gets bounced around by the largest myopic mammal of them all. This is one of those surprise-ending ads, so I guess it's unfair to give the joke away. It seems the creature's made an amusing … mistake. Let's just say it looks like a sperm whale to me. That or a humpback.