Smoking likened to being eaten by zombies


Zombies are everywhere, it seems, even in American Legacy's latest "Truth" commercials. Timed to the launch of The Real World's 24th season (Jesus!) on MTV, we get Zombieville, a Real World parody with young people on a reality show tormented by the undead. And for a change, it's not each other. The trailer is below; see the first two episodes after the jump. This all sounds miserably convoluted and overly high-concept, but the episodes so far are decent—a mix of goofy gore and thankfully minimal anti-smoking rhetoric. (Smoking and zombies both kill you is the basic premise.) Any campaign where a snotty geek gets his head torn off is aces with me. If only this crew had cigarette lighters, they could set the zombies ablaze. Instead, these goody-goods have plump, healthy, flavorful lungs for those monsters to munch on. The spots will air in breaks during the MTV show this fall. Arnold helped with story lines, but the spots were produced in-house by MTV.