Slogan snafu has Utah scrambling

Utah_print_ad_1Utah is looking for a new state slogan and thought it had found one—but ditched the idea when it realized it was too similar to Colorado’s “Enter a higher state.” The Utah Office of Tourism isn’t revealing the exact phrasing of the motto it liked, but thankfully they did their research. “‘Enter a higher state’ was something like where we wanted to go, but that won’t be it,” says an official. The new brand was to be unveiled on Feb. 8; it’s unclear if a replacement will be ready by then. Over the years the state has used lines like “The friendly state,” “Land of color,” “Utah the unique,” “A pretty, great state” and “The greatest snow on Earth.” In recent ads it’s been using, simply, “Utah!” Tourism officials should know that “Come see for yourself” is also taken.

—Posted by Tim Nudd