Pringles Banner Ad Is Worth a Few Dozen Clicks

I've long been of the opinion that creating banner ads should be punishable by stoning. But this Pringles ad from Bridge Worldwide in Cincinnati doesn't suck.

If nothing else, I appreciate that it isn't flashing horrible circus colors and promising me a free Xbox or a spyware-laden "virus scan." It's also kind of neat that clicking on it repeatedly reveals a little story within the ad, an innovation that earned it a gold Cyber Lion at Cannes last week.

According to its Cannes entry materials, the ad "shows a young, online audience how fun, eccentric—and even downright weird—life with Pringles can be."

The best part? It doesn't even take you to the Pringles Web site. That's a quality I can appreciate in a banner ad. It does expose, however, that Pringles needs to make a wider can already.

The agency says 20 people who clicked on the ad clicked through all 97 creative frames of it. Check out the full case study below.