No dogs were hurt while filming this ad

DogWarning: Do not leave your toy-sized pooch in a shopping bag on the roof of a Ford Focus. Thankfully, the ad-standards people in Australia are not requiring such a disclaimer on this new Focus ad (tagline: “Ford Focus. Smooth”) or pulling the ad entirely, despite concerns. They agreed that viewers are not complete idiots and would see the ad depicting a simple mistake. “On a very, very serious note, we had to approach the RSPCA, the Department of Primary Industries and the Advertising Standards Bureau. On the legal side of it, we take it very, very seriously,” a Ford rep says. In the end, they took very, very serious precautions to protect the tiny talent. “The dog was on the roof, but we actually stuck the bag to the roof so there was no chance of the dog coming off, and the dog also had its own tether in case it tried to jump out of the bag,” the rep says. “And there were a couple of shots there where we did have a stuffed dog.” Whew!

—Posted by Tim Nudd