Marketers set for devil revel on 6/6/06

OmenFor those of you ad execs who wonder if you’ve sold your soul (along with all those bottles of gin, packs of ciggies and canisters of sex-stoking body spray), Defamer happily confirms your allegiance to The Beast. The Hollywood gossip blog has (with help from the Los Angeles Times) cranked out a solid list of marketing efforts tied to 6/6/06—either the day of The Beast or The Rapture, take your pick. This list is particularly helpful when it comes to deciphering the white-on-black billboards and outdoor postings that read simply, “6/6/06. The signs are all around you.” Apparently they’re teasers for Paramount’s remake of The Omen, starring Julia Stiles and Liev Schrieber. Still no word on who is behind New Jersey’s spaceship Jesus billboard, though.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit