Lipton Brisk does a very abridged ‘Machete’


Funny, but I don’t remember nearly as much hand washing in Machete as happens in this one-minute recap, brought to us by Lipton Brisk. The Claymation clip, which hit YouTube within the last week, coincides with the DVD release of the over-the-top Robert Rodriguez action flick and stars an avatar of Machete himself, voiced by über-badass Danny Trejo. The video, which has already started to make the rounds with fanboys and cult-movie aficionados, does quadruple duty: It reminds us about the DVD, dropping Tuesday; teases the sequel, Machete Kills; revives the Lipton Claymation spots that have already included Bruce Lee, Rocky Balboa, Ozzy Osbourne and others; and launches a Facebook page where people can tell their own improbable/exhilarating/weird/wacky stories. What’s the connection between bottled tea and a bloody R-rated movie? Who cares? It’s a precious minute with Trejo, plus a couple of behind-the-scenes videos. That’s brisk, baby!