Laugh your eyes out with Pioneer’s Kuro

Eyemouth Not since Kodak’s double-cyclops dog have we seen such a bunch of creepy eyes in advertising. This freaky eye-mouth greets you when you visit, the Web component of TBWA\Chiat\Day’s new campaign for the Pioneer Kuro television. The idea is that this new TV will have you “seeing and hearing like never before.” Your friends and family will be sceaming and running like never before, too, once they see you. Other creepy images in the campaign include a hand with an eyeball in the palm and five tiny ears on the fingers (which may induce sensory overload, particularly during dish washing) and a chest with yet another embedded eye. With the slow, ominous piano score, this really is horror-movie stuff. There is also a long-form spot featuring interviews with Lee Clow, Spike Lee and others talking about the importance of crisp, rich visuals in film.

—Posted by Tim Nudd