KFC finds random side job: fixing potholes


Cities and states are running out of money. So, don't expect quick action on that pothole. Thankfully, KFC is stepping in to help. The fast-food giant is filling in potholes in five cities. What's more, Col. Sanders himself (well, an underemployed actor playing Col. Sanders) is doing the honors, along with a more professional crew. The idea is that KFC has been clogging arteries, I mean filling stomachs, for 50 years. Of course, the filled potholes come with a price: a big "Re-Freshed by KFC" message on the street. This is just what we need to fix our infrastructure: ad-supported repairs. Some more suggestions: street lamps that beam a sponsors' message on the ground; new bridges that require drivers to watch a two-minute pre-roll ad instead of a toll; and new schools that are roadblocked for a single advertiser, with 100 percent share of voice.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey