Is that Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man?

Icpm1Standing outside AdFreak’s offices just now, we spotted none other than Rob Huebel, aka Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man from BBDO Atlanta’s old Cingular Wireless cinema ads. It made us want to see those old ads again—and we found a few of them here, here and here. About halfway through the first trailer, note that Huebel blurts out, “Mauled by a tiger?!” Shortly after the ad began running, Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy did get mauled by a tiger, and the line was quickly excised. Amid a random Huebel search on Google, we found this humorous Gawker Stalker entry from 2004: “Half King, 1:30 a.m. Standing outside, it’s Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man. I have no clue what his real name is. I was tempted to walk by him while shouting ‘Marty you’re a joker!’ into my cell phone, but I imagine he gets that all … the … fucking … time.” We didn’t approach him either.

—Posted by Tim Nudd