IBM Billboard Changes Its Color Based on Your Clothing

Is the company this responsive?

A billboard that changes color to match what I'm wearing? How have I managed to get along all these years without one? Now I won't have to look down at my shirt to figure out what color it is. Ogilvy Digital designed the interactive board as part of IBM's "Smarter Planet" campaign encouraging innovation in industry. The video below explains that the ad metaphorically "demonstrates the benefits of a smarter supply chain" by responding to customer preferences. Hey, whatever. I plan to wear my orange, teal and maroon striped polo with the pink collar today and watch one of these high-tech billboard wonders freak out. Kidding, of course. I couldn't find one of these ads if I tried. IBM made this one more than a year ago, but of course, despite its Minority Report-type allure, it's just a novelty. Like the mood ring. Speaking of which … oooh, yellow: I'm imaginative today! Via PSFK.