How Much Water Do You Consume? This Amazing Infographic Will Shock You

Only a fraction goes to what you'd expect

Telling the average adult to skip meat, or at least eat mutton instead of beef, is a pretty tough sell. But European designer and water-conservation advocate Angela Morelli is definitely up to the challenge with her interactive infographic, "The Water We Eat."

Morelli uses clear explanations and minimalist graphics to explain how the processes behind food production mean we each essentially "eat" 3,496 liters (923 gallons) of water per day. Most jarringly, she contrasts the fact that we use only 137 liters a day for bathing, cleaning, cooking and flushing, while the process of creating one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of beef requires 15,400 liters (4,068 gallons) of water.

Although Morelli created the infographic last year based on a presentation she had been delivering internationally, the site is still gathering momentum and reaching new audiences, such as the social-causes marketing blog Osocio. One reason for the graphic's success in changing perspectives is the practicality of Morelli's proposed solutions: Avoid wasting food; skip meat at least one day a week; and try to buy grass-fed meats.

May I recommend you start with a nice MLT?