Google Mashes Up Fan Videos for Lady Gaga Spot

Google's "The Web is what you make of it" campaign for its Chrome browser is churning out a truly impressive series of spots. The latest is the one below, starring Lady Gaga—with a message not unlike Google's earlier entry in Dan Savage's "It get better" initiative. The process of assembling the Gaga clip mirrored the message, too. From the YouTube blurb: "This film celebrates Lady Gaga's special and unmediated relationship with her fans, the Little Monsters. The making of this film is a demonstration of the power of the Web in its own right. The entire project, beginning with Lady Gaga's shoot in NYC on May 8, to shipping materials to the television networks for air, took 10 days. Within hours of the release of her new single, 'Edge of Glory,' on May 9, fans began uploading videos on YouTube, making the song their own by dancing to it, singing it, and playing it on all kinds of instruments. Lady Gaga then posted a message on her website asking for more videos to be used in the film project. Fans responded within minutes and uploaded hundreds more videos. Back in the editing room, in real time as fan videos streamed in, editors were putting them into the film. The film was completed on May 18 in time to air during Lady Gaga's performance on the season finale of Saturday Night Live, and to also live on the Web forever."