Gary Coleman will augment anyone’s reality


I'm not easily surprised, but an "augmented-reality" campaign, starring Gary Coleman, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Canadian french-fry chain New York Fries … I must admit, I didn't see that coming. Now that I have seen it, I wish I hadn't. We get a Facebook app that plops a tiny 3-D Gary (even tinier than the real Gary, obviously) onto your desktop, where he predicts your future freshness. Uh huh. The full-size version of the ad shown here has the headline, "After 25 years some things are still fresh." There, I must disagree. These days more than ever, Gary rhymes with scary. His outsized image leering down on hapless passersby from projections in Vancouver and Toronto is especially disturbing. Ad agency Zig is to blame. I know Coleman's an icon for some, but I've always been more of a Todd Bridges fan myself.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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