Everyone’s as cool as hell in Comcast Town

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has created a bunch of new spots for Comcast with a groovy mix of live action and animation, with characters singing about the cable company in a Moldy Peaches/Juno-esque hipster monotone. See an assload of new ads here. They've also set aside a piece of the Internet, cleverly named Comcast Town, for consumers to nest in. There are customizable rooms à la Animal Planet, and they can be further customized by purchasing new items with Comcast Bucks. Comcast Town looks like a lovely community, but I would have preferred to see Olde Comcastte Towne, modeled on one of the early Moravian settlements in North Carolina. A town set 300 years in the past and controlled by a single monolithic entity is a spot-on representation of Comcast's business model.

—Posted by David Kiefaber