Enormous Kia Hamsters Evolve Into Rappers


Kia's giant hamsters return in this retro-kitschy hip-hop spot with brand-centric attitude. Doesn't that sound great? Yeaaah … every old-school cliché is rolled out on the proverbial hamster wheel here, and the fur balls even hang out on Hamsterdam Avenue. (It's like Oscar Wilde wrote the script!) Most of the critters drive toasters, washing machines and cardboard boxes, but the rappers roll in the Kia Soul. Sure, a Kia's better than a cardboard box … barely. If the toaster and washer come with floor mats, I'd go with those. I know some folks will like this spot. Eleftheria Parpis at Adweek did. But I kept wishing the maniacal rodent from the MTV commercial would show up and slice through these hams. Word!