Doritos ‘Pug Attack’ director wins $1 million


Doritos's "Pug Attack" and Bud Light's "Dogsitter" were named the two best commercials of Super Bowl XLV, according to USA Today's annual ad meter, having deadlocked with a score of 8.35 each. Volkswagen's "The Force," with the little Darth Vader, finished third. "Pug Attack," of course, was part of Doritos's "Crash the Super Bowl" contest, which means its creators, semi-amateur J.R. Burningham of Scarecrow Film, wins $1 million from the PepsiCo brand. "I am elated beyond belief," Burmingham's mother, Kati Burmingham, tells Utah's Deseret News. "J.R. and [business partner] Tess [Ortbals] had been working at this and sacrificing, and mortgaged themselves to the hilt with student loans, and didn't take jobs because they've just been pursuing these dreams of producing and writing and directing movies that they have created."