Coca-Cola Invented a Bottle That Takes Selfies, Because We Really Needed That

What our Instagram's been missing

What's better than a selfie stick? A thirst-quenching selfie stick. 

Over in Israel, Coca-Cola created a bottle that takes selfies of you when you drink from it. The so-called "selfie bottle" was made by agency Gefen for Coca-Cola Summer Love, Israel's largest outdoor brand event. 

"Users tag themselves and their friends in photos on Coca-Cola's social media assets," Gefen explains. "It really does the trick and makes the partygoers more present and active during the event, knowing they can share their special moments just by drinking." 

The bottle has a camera built into its base, along with a sensor that snaps a shot when tilted at 70 degrees (the perfect fluid-to-mouth angle, in case you ever wondered). The resulting selfies can be shared on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. 

Gefen says the bottle was conceived after they observed a gap in the market for "novelty drinks." Because who wants to miss out on another gratuitous photo op?

The bottle will likely be limited to Summer Love, as there's no word on whether it'll hit Israeli stores. But if the gimmick proves a hit among teens, expect to see it pop up at other events. For those worried about the sanctity of their social feeds, just think of it as the natural evolution of duckface.