Can Baltimore project a better image?

HomicideIt’s Baltimore’s turn to flail wildly in search of new positioning that will convince would-be tourists that there’s more to the city than what gets shown on hard-boiled cop dramas like Homicide, The Corner and The Wire. Landor Associates is on board for a repositioning, now that taglines like “Baltimore is better” and “Baltimore. Believe” have fallen on deaf ears. (The city has also gone through a slew of failed monikers, including Crabtown, Charm City, Queen City of the Patapsco and Nickel Town.) A former mayor once painted “The city that reads” on park benches, but vandals, referring to the high rate of unwanted pregnancy in town, changed it to “The city that breeds.” One other unlikely possibility: reviving the nickname “Mobtown,” which Baltimore earned through street riots in 1812.

—Posted by Tim Nudd