Body parts argue over bottles of Coke Zero

Cokezero Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam cranks up the absurd-o-meter with a batch of amusing new Coke Zero spots (here, here, here and here), in which an eye, a pair of tongues, a finger and a brain bicker about their respective sensory experiences of soda. The eye, who’s French, looks down on the loutish British tongues, who, because they’re blind, think they’re drinking regular Coke rather than Coke Zero. The Jabba-like brain crawls in and scolds both sides for giving him a headache. And the finger, who’s a stoner, first complains that the bottle label isn’t written in Braille, then resorts to a “Pull my finger” joke, which is turning out to be popular in advertising this year. Via Advertolog.

—Posted by Tim Nudd