Bikers dropping like flies in Norwegian PSA

This Norwegian PSA, encouraging car drivers to watch out for motorcycles, manages to be edgy, mildly disturbing and sort of silly—all while communicating its message about bikers: "We are small, but we're not bugs." The delightful nonchalance and obliviousness of the family in the car really sells it, and the subtle scattering of bodies is eerie in an apocalyptic, B-movie kind of way. The gore across the windshield, not overdone, is a great detail. This is kind of vexing, though: The cyclists wore their helmets, yet all still winded up dead. Maybe they should switch to SUVs. Sure, that'll spoil the environment, but at least they won't end up splayed across the front of a truck. By local ad agency Spilberg. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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