Big Tobacco still seeking best and brightest

American Legacy's "Truth" anti-tobacco juggernaut rolls on with new executions from Arnold that expand on the campaign's amusing faux-job-interview format. Above, we get a customer-service role-playing session, with the superbly smug "recruiter" playing a smokeless-tobacco user who complains about losing half of his jaw. It's too bad the job seeker doesn't ask him how he can speak so clearly sans half his face—you gotta be quick with the comebacks to work for Ol' Smoky! The spot below takes place in a college lecture hall during a career seminar. The students all put down their hands when the recruiter asks if they'd consider working in an industry that could cause 1 billion deaths this century. Clearly, none of them are going for MBAs, and they'd never make the grade in law school.

—Posted by David Gianatasio