Anti-drink ads present snazzy beer goggles


British charity DrinkAware has released two print ads—see them after the jump—that play off the idea of beer goggles, which I shouldn't have to explain to anyone reading this. One of them jokes about taking home a "moose," which here refers to an unattractive woman, not the large, goofy-looking member of the deer family. The health risks of overdrinking are one thing, but heaven forbid you bag someone ugly, am I right fellas? Fellas? Anyway, the most interesting thing about this campaign is the Daily Mail's response, which points out that the ads aren't going to affect guys who don't mind having sex with literally anything while they're drunk. The writer also suspects that "this campaign was dreamed up by some advertising executives in skinny jeans who drink vodka martinis in the bars of five-star boutique hotels." If so, let's hope they kept their designer martini goggles in their pockets. Via Osocio