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The companies set aside earlier differences on how best to target users across devices.

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Who Are the Leading Candidates to Buy Sizmek’s Remaining Assets?

Amazon, Adform and Flashtalking are believed to have probed its ad server business with potential management buy-out of Peer 39.

Beeswax Introduces ‘Bid Models’ to Power In-House Programmatic Strategies

It's the company's way of bringing walled garden algorithm outside of the walled gardens.

A Look at Who Is and Isn’t Ready for the End of the Programmatic ID Era

Not even the duopoly will see the upcoming changes unscathed.

Impact Announces $75 Million Funding Round to Promote Company Growth

They're hoping for regional expansion and potential acquisitions.

Google Ad Manager to Offer First-Price Auctions, Simplifying Programmatic Buying

The industry's largest platform is offering more options to users.

Can YouTube Ever Be Completely Safe for Advertisers?

This week underlined the inherent flaws of user-generated content portals as a sanctuary for advertisers.

What Investors Really Want from Ad Tech

Why they think blockchain, AI and augmented reality are totally over-hyped.