P&G Olympic-Themed Tearjerker Soars on YouTube Meanwhile, CES continues to resonate on VideoWatch charts

The Olympics are coming. Time to bawl.

As the Sochi Winter Games are just a few weeks away, marketers are already out in force, offering up spots like this brilliant, heart-tugging ode to all those moms who help push their potential Olympians. This two-minute clip hit YouTube last week and quickly nabbed 7 million-plus views, easily landing it atop the VideoWatch/VidIQ weekly brand video ranking (it's already over 9 million).

Interestingly, in second place was another mom-themed spot from Old Spice (5 million views last week), though this one has a decidedly different tone.

Besides moms, last week's ranking was colored by CES, with Samsung placing three videos, including one featuring raw press conference footage, along with one from Sony's Xperia. Check out the full ranking here:

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