Have a cathode ray Christmas!

New Yorkers trapped in tiny apartments have seldom felt that they’re missing out on holiday charm. There’s always the Yule Log, broadcast originally 38 years ago and brought back in […]

The way we were

Nowadays, financial institutions inundate us with offers for credits cards, knowing we’ll use the plastic to grant ourselves high-interest loans. Little wonder, then, that we’ve become a nation of spendthrifts. […]

Turns out we’re all desperate housewives

Is it life imitating camp? Or is it camp imitating life? A new study from Leo Burnett’s women’s marketing division, LeoShe, finds that there are four prevailing ways women view […]

SquarePants on fire

Forget everything else. For the past few weeks one of the hottest stories out there concerns a talking inflatable, bucked-tooth sponge. With square pants. The New York Post reports two […]

Do an Italian job

It’s time for American car companies to copy Lamborghini’s brilliant marketing coup, which it achieved by giving the Italian police department a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo patrol car to chase […]

Claus endorses Kerry

The holiday season brings some glad tidings to disheartened Democrats, and not a moment too soon. In an oddball survey this month by Zogby International, adults were asked to guess […]

Live strong, die strong?

Any of the millions of people worldwide (and practically all of San Francisco’s yuppie population) wearing those trendy yellow Lance Armstrong bracelets better slip them off in Florida, unless they […]

Ode to the iPod

We’d like to credit and for pointing AdFreak to this 60-second homemade iPod ad (you’ll have to scroll down a bit to get to it), that’s currently making […]

A trip AdFreak won’t be making

Among the events we won’t be attending tonight is this one: “Back to the Alley: A Refresh on the Dot-Com Darlings of New York’s Silicon Alley.” It’s a panel discussion […]

McCann, you talkin’ to me?

There are legions of ad agency web sites that have left us flummoxed over the years, particularly for their annoying tendency to favor art direction over features that might actually […]