The Super Bowl that was, the companies that weren’t

Believe it or not, it’s been five years since the Super Bowl was flooded with dot-com ads. has figured that’s distance enough to take a look back, in this […]

France! New and improved!

We’ve never really thought of the French as being, as they say, “in-your-face,” but an ad touting how wonderful France is for business on the back page of today’s New […]

Driving away dysfunction

In the many decades we’ve been on planet Earth, we’ve never seen a golf ad we liked, let alone one that got us to laugh. But this new spot for […]

Avat your way?

For a while now, it hasn’t been quite enough to rant about your favorite sports team with close friends and family. Ranting is becoming an Internet staple. Super Bowl fans […]

Motor Oil gets Funky

Add Funkmaster Flex’s name to the long list of hip-hop product endorsers. Flex, a DJ who has a nationally syndicated radio show and a Spike TV series, Ride with Funkmaster […]

Tom Brady’s Cadillac conundrum

Tom Brady, the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots quarterback, took a break from practicing this week to file a $2 million lawsuit against General Motors. The hunky football player is […]

Isn’t there anything else on?

What could be better than watching the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday? Just about anything, according to chick channel Lifetime. “Attention all non-football fans,” reads a great press release […]

We have our reservations

Note to clients of Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners: Next time you dine with Jon Bond at a trés chic Manhattan eatery, don’t ask him how he got the reservation. During […]

Did Larry take his cues from Darren?

Yesterday we wrote about a rapscallion known only as Larry, who took out a full-page ad in the Florida Times-Union pleading for his wife to come back to him. Now […]

Heavy thoughts about that Bud Light ad

If AdFreak were ever to have a mission statement (doubtful), it would definitely include a line about how we must completely overdo coverage of the Super Bowl. Thus, here’s our […]