Marmite, that terrifying paste

Marmite, the gooey, vitamin-rich spread usually served on a piece of toast, has always been a staple in the diets of British children during their formative years. (The savory stuff […]

Pro Bono, now more than ever

We don’t know who does Bono’s PR, but he’s become a media empire unto himself. U2’s frontman has made the news over the years for a variety of non-musical causes, […]

It’s a subscription card. It won’t hurt you

People overreact to inconsequential events. I knew that. Richard Carlson wrote all about it in his 1997 book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … and It’s All Small Stuff: Simple […]

Mommy! Is Ronald McDonald the devil?

You can say I’m expending way too much brain power thinking about McDonald’s problems in our increasingly health-conscious society (even if there’s no sign that our raised consciousness—or apples on […]

Argh! Captain Morgan’s starts a blog

More jumping on the blog bandwagon: Captain Morgan’s rum has started The Captain’s Blog. The idea, it seems, is for the Captain himself—or a guy dressed up like him, anyway—to […]

The snack cake that wouldn’t die

Does any other foodstuff—or brand, for that matter—exert as weird a pull on the dark side of the consumer psyche as the Twinkie? Despite (or more likely because of) its […]

Living in a vacuum with Oreck

In case you needed something else to feel insecure about, your home isn’t clean enough. Following in the footsteps of knitting and power yoga, the new obsession, apparently, is vacuuming—a […]

Cashing in on St. Patrick’s Day

Are marketers scouring the liturgical calendar for another saint’s day they can turn into a shopping opportunity? Given the revenues generated by St. Patrick’s Day, they might be. A survey […]

The promo we knew wasn’t indecent

Bob Iger can rest easy. Disney’s new CEO got through his first crisis without doing a thing, even as Michael Eisner still hovers over him like a family curse. The […]

Are CEOs really overpaid?

In the aftermath of the abrupt firing of Harry Stonecipher (shown here) as Boeing’s CEO, it’s time to revisit the question of whether CEOs are too lavishly compensated. Those of […]