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Did you hear it? It was louder than the sound of one hand clapping and seemed to pervade the industry in 1992. It was the deafening silence that echoed from Madison Avenue to Mi

The recession technically ended late in ’91, but it was a full year and one defeated incumbent President later that the hand-wringing that goes with reduced ad spending finally dissipated. […]


Overall Billings Growth: Up 3.4% to $1.01 billion: (grade C-)Clients Lost: Bob Evans and Reckitt & Coleman: (grade C+)New Clients: Borden, Bakers Square: (grade C)Growth From Current Clients: Up 2.3%, […]

John Costello to Head Up Sears Advertising

CHICAGO – John Costello, 45, was named senior executive vp/general manager of marketing for Sears, Roebuck & Co.’s Merchandise Group. Costello, who was president and coo of Nielsen Marketing Research, […]

SmartMeat Introduces Low-Fat Steak By Beth Heitzma

MINNEAPOLIS – It sounds too good to be true . . . a juicy, tasty steak that’s low in fat, cholesterol and calories. But according to GFI America, a Minneapolis-ba

Armed with four years of research and development, dozens of focus groups and endorsements from a number of food critics, GFI will launch SmartMeat in three test markets this spring […]

EvansKraft Becomes EvansGroup

SEATTLE – EvansKraft changed its name to EvansGroup, assuming the same name as other EvansGroup offices in Dallas, Denver, L.A., Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City and S.F. Lon LaFlamme, president/ceo […]

FOX HUNTING: Movie Studio Launches Review For $60-Mil. Media-Buying Account By Kathy Tyre

A sly one is on the loose. Twentieth Century Fox has quietly issued questionnaires to agencies regarding its estimated $60-

Fox’s network buying business has been in-house since 1989, when studio executives pulled it from J. Walter Thompson/L.A. to cut costs. The spot media assignment, estimated at $29 million, which […]

Disconnected: after seeing Barry Diller’s plan for the QVC home shopping network, it’s hard to believe this is the same man who created the Fox Network

After re-reading Ken Auletta’s relentlessly….Now Diller may indeed have found a brilliant future investing in the interactive guts of the QVC home shopping network, but you would never know that […]


NEW YORKJ. Walter Thompson media directors Kelly Lownlan and Eric Snyder have assumed senior vp positions.Judith Rother, senior vp, has progressed from production director to director of operations at Saatchi […]

Fizdale decides Burnett needs his creative touch

In a move that rocked the ad community and ran somewhat counter to Leo Burnett’s usual seamless transitions of the past, chairman Rick Fizdale last week relinquished his ceo title […]


Overall Billings Growth: Up 4% to $445 million: (grade B-)Clients Lost: None: (grade A+)New Clients: $12.2 million including Borden, and Armour Swift Eckrich: (grade C-)Growth From Current Clients: Up 3.2% […]