WTAE Anchors (Sort Of) Wear Purple After Losing Steelers-Ravens Bet to WBAL

By Merrill Knox Comment

When Hearst-owned stations WTAE in Pittsburgh and WBAL in Baltimore bet on who would win Sunday night’s Steelers vs. Ravens NFL matchup, the two stations probably didn’t assume many aspects of the wager would be open to interpretation.

The Ravens won in the last seconds of the game, and on Monday, the WTAE morning team was decked out in the Ravens team colors, with Michelle Wright in purple, Kelly Frey in black and sports anchor John Meyer in what he said were “somewhat purple pinstripes.” (The stations’ video players do not allow embedding, so watch the video here.)

But that, apparently, did not satisfy the WBAL team. “So that guy was supposed to be wearing purple?” Sports anchor Pete Gilbert asked on this morning’s newscast. “That was the bet?”

“He wasn’t playing along,” Stan Stovall answered.

Now BaltimoreSportsReport.com is urging Ravens fans to write to WTAE and protest Meyer’s pinstripes, saying he “didn’t take the bet seriously.”

“We Ravens fans kindly ask that your news team acknowledge the bet,” a suggested email on the site reads. “I assure you that the good folks at WBAL would have.”