WGGB Anchor Paul Mueller Abruptly Resigns Over YouTube Video

By Andrew Gauthier Comment

A video uploaded to YouTube over the weekend has caused anchor Paul Mueller to abruptly resign from WGGB, an ABC-affiliate in Springfield, MA.

On Saturday, Mueller served as master of ceremonies at a fund-raising gala for the Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover Foundation, an organization that gives scholarships to local students in honor of the 11-year-old boy who hanged himself two years ago after being bullied at school.

Mueller volunteered to MC the event after the organization reached out to WGGB, which runs a regular series called “Bully Busters” that focuses on bullying prevention. An attendee of the event captured part of a speech that Mueller gave to the packed house in which the anchor appeared to be intoxicated, drawing astonished looks from the crowd as well as a few laughs (video above).

After a tipster emailed the video to TVSpy (and also posted it on the Watercooler), we reached out to Mueller this morning.  In a phone conversation, he said that he wouldn’t comment on the video or his physical state at the event.

Now, after a day that included a tense phone call from WGGB’s president and owner John Gormally who demanded that the YouTube link be deleted from the Watercooler, Mueller has emailed TVSpy to announce that he is resigning.  Here’s the (unedited) email…

Not sure if you are aware but I hae resigned effective immediately today, Monday, April 18, for a medical issue that needs immediate attention, a prob lem that has now apparently gained national attention from the youtube video.  Hopefully, with time and appropriate medical treatment, I will once again be able to return to the field of television news.  If not, so be it.  Today, though, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Carl Walker Hoover, the Foundation, as well as the five young recipients who received scholarships Saturday night.  They are the story — not me.  Thank you.

Before joining WGGB, Mueller worked as an anchor for WLNE. In 2009, he quit his job at the Providence ABC-affiliate to pursue a different line of work. At the time, his agent said that he was going to become an online day trader.

Mueller began his TV news career in 1995.