WCCB News Director Ken White Arrested for Stealing Groceries

By Andrew Gauthier Comment

WCCB news director Ken White has been charged with larceny for allegedly stealing groceries from a Charlotte supermarket. According to police reports, White was arrested on Sunday and charged with a misdemeanor for walking away with $79.24 worth of groceries.

White has been with Fox-affiliate WCCB since 1999.  According to the Charlotte Observer, White stole a bag of snacks for the station’s remote crew stationed at the Carolina Panthers game.  The bag of potato chips, apples, soda, and bottled water is something that would have usually been charged to a company credit card.

White was back at work on Monday following the incident and WCCB has refused to comment on his arrest.  “We wouldn’t comment on a personnel matter,” John Hutchinson, WCCB’s vice president, told the Observer. “If there’s anything to it, we’d certainly look into it.”

WCCB’s website regularly compiles a gallery of recent mugshots taken by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office. White’s mugshot (left) is not included in WCCB’s collection from the day of his arrest.

>Update, 12/18/13: White tells us the charges have been dropped and the arrest has been expunged.