San Diego Weatherman Gets Picked On By TNA Wrestlers in Live Shot

By Kevin Eck Comment

wills_leglockKSWB morning weather anchor Brad Willscame close to having his milk money taken from him compliments of TNA wrestlers Jeff Hardy, Manik and Brooke.

Current TNA world wrestling champ Bully Ray set the tone for the live shot by getting all fired up because he said the weatherman for the San Diego FOX affiliate introduced him wrong. Then Ray, who is in San Diego promoting TNA wrestling event “Bound for Glory,” hustled Wills into the ring to referee Hardy and Manik who were giving their best to the viewers at home.

After Wills identified Manik as “The Spider” which is actually a wrestling move, Bully Ray called him “the worst” and like this writer at the TVSpy Dance-Off, things just got more awkward from there. You can watch the video after the jump.

Each TNA star then took his or her turn with the weather man. Wills’ pain was quickly snuffed out by Adams who threw him to the ground and finished him off with a leg lock.

“I bet you never thought that this morning your head would be in between the legs of such a beautiful woman,” said Ray who started it all. “Just don’t forget, that’s my woman.”

Back in the studio, Raoul Martinez threw down the heavily hairsprayed gauntlet, “She touched the hair,” said Martinez. “Oh, now it’s on.” See the video inside.