‘Punch Through the Cap’: Meteorologist Says Goodbye to WFAA and Hello to Replacement

By Kevin Eck Comment

WFAA weekend meteorologist Steve McCauley had a little fun signing off from the Dallas-Fort Worth ABC affiliate Sunday night while introducing viewers to his replacement, Ashton Altieri.

The station rolled a clip of McCauley educating Altieri about what it’s like to forecast weather in Texas. “First of all, we actually do have weather here,” McCauley told Altieri who last worked at KXTV in Sacramento, CA. “It does rain. It hails. It tornadoes. It blizzards. It ice storms. It does everything here in Texas. So there are a few things you may want to learn.”

McCauley then taught Altieri about weather phenomenon we won’t even try to explain here like the “McFarland signature,” how to “punch through the cap,” and how keeping an eye on the Sea of Japan can predict future Texas weather.

McCauley had been at WFAA for 13 years. He’s leaving the station to pursue his PhD.

The station promised McCauley won’t be leaving completely, he will still be a presence on WFAA’s facebook and twitter pages as well as the WFAA website.

[Uncle Barky]