Popular KING Reporter Jesse Jones Takes Leave to Continue His Battle with Cancer

By Andrew Gauthier Comment

Seattle’s KING has announced that popular consumer reporter Jesse Jones is taking a leave of absence from the station as he undergoes cancer treatment.  Jones recently overcame kidney cancer after a three-year-long battle but now the cancer has spread to his lungs, according to the NBC-affiliate.

Jones underwent surgery in November to remove two tumors.  He is set to undergo immunotherapy in January to destroy any remaining cancer cells.  The treatment is expected to take four to six weeks and KING expects to have Jones back in February.

“He’s a fighter,” Mark Ginther, KING’s news director, told the Seattle Times. “He’s somebody that’s going to look this square in the eye and tackle it.”

Jones is a strong presence on KING and his aggressive, plain spoken reports have endeared him to Seattle viewers.  Jones’ “Get Jesse” consumer advocate segments have been especially popular during the recent economic downturn, as Seattle residents have became more concerned with how their money is being spent.

Since the announcement of Jones’ leave of absence, KING’s website has been flooded with messages from concerned viewers.  “Jesse, You have never met me or my wife, but we meet you regularly via the evening news,” writes KING viewer Vince Larson, in a typically affectionate post. “We admire the work you have been doing to help people and we wish you the best in recovery from the current medical challenge. Take it easy on yourself when you can and get well quickly. We look forward to your return to King5.”

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