Outpouring of Support on Facebook for KUSA’s Kyle Dyer Following Dog Bite

By Andrew Gauthier Comment

Although KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer has been silent following Wednesday’s on-air dog bite, viewers in Denver have been very active on her Facebook page, writing their support on her wall.

“My prayers are with you and for your speedy recovery,” one person wrote this morning, echoing the sentiments of many.  “We miss you!”

“You are greatly missed,” another person wrote, alluding to the fact that Dyer is off the air as she recovers from reconstructive surgery.  “You always have such an engaging smile and you make everyone feel like they are part of the family… We look forward to seeing you back on camera again soon.”

And while the majority of the comments on Dyer’s Facebook wall have been positive in the 24 hours or so following the attack, this being Facebook, there have been a handful of negative comments as well as a few arguments.

Most of the criticism and back-and-forth comes from people either concerned for the life of the dog following the attack or from people mistakenly characterizing him as a vicious pit bull (in fact, he is an Argentine Mastiff).

“Although i hope you get better,” one person wrote, “you should never been down on the floor in the face of a dog that you did not know. let alone one that has just been through so much [trauma] the day before.”