NY1 Anchor Pat Kiernan Talks About Crossing Over to the Super Hero Universe

By Kevin Eck Comment

pat kiernanNY1 anchor Pat Kiernan works at the TV station in New York with the most select audience, viewers can only watch the channel is primarily available to if they subscribe to Time Warner Cable subscribers.

Kiernan talked to Vulture about going from the small stage to the big screen as the anchor man for Marvel Comics’ “The Avengers” and “The Amazing Spider Man 2.”

Over here we also noticed that you, as Pat Kiernan, are the only “character” to cross over the Marvel universes.
I didn’t wanna give it away but I did an interview with a guy from MTV.com and he pointed out the same thing. He said, “Do you understand the significance of this in the comic book world, that you are the only link between these two universes?”

It’s huge. I don’t know how you’re this transcendent superhero that gets to be in both worlds.
I anchor it. I give it some sense of realism. I think that’s what NY1 lends to these things, is just that little bit of authenticity. And we don’t agree to do everything that comes our way, because we want it to be … It’s hard to explain. If the things that were happening in the movie were really happening, we want NY1 to be portrayed in the way that we think we might react to that series of events.

What’s the process like?
Generally, the writers send our people both the entire script and the script for the scene in question. NY1 evaluates it to make sure that it’s not something that’ll discredit the brand, and if they’re okay with the script, then they’ll present it to me and if I’m into it, I’ll either read it as they’ve written it or I’ll go back to them with follow-up questions or suggested changes. They send us a script, we put it in the TelePrompTer, I try to take a little extra care with my hair and makeup that morning, and when we’re in a break, I sit down and read the story to the camera. Then we just send them a hard drive of the video clip.

So basically you’ll be reporting on real New York news and then suddenly you’re like “and Spider-Man … ”
Yeah. I’ve sent reply-all emails to the newsroom before saying, “Please don’t be alarmed if you hear me talking about the end of the world. It’s not actually happening.”

That’s very scary!
Oh yeah, when you take it out of context, you could make a very frightening NY1 newscast out of all my appearances.