Minneapolis Reporter Sorry for Drunken Tweet

By Kevin Eck Comment

KMSP reporter Tom Lyden has apologized for a tweet he sent it out the night of the Upper Midwest Regional Emmy Awards. The tweet itself tells the story:

The reporter for the Minneapolis FOX owned station hit the bar after leaving the awards show Emmy-less. The link leads to a Minneapolis blog that shows the progression of Lyden’s tweets that night.

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Lyden sent out the “sorry” on twitter and facebook.

When TVSpy asked Lyden if he expected any more fallout from the tweet he told us, “Gosh. I hope not.”

Lyden also sent a note of apology to Citypages:

During a night of celebration I sent out a Tweet that was intended to be a little crazy and edgy. It was actually just weird and in poor taste. Let me be perfectly clear, I adore cats, including my own, and would never do them harm. I was also honored to be nominated for several Emmys. The other Tweets were fairly on the money. Jen’s legs are lovely, and we had a fun evening dancing.

He didn’t stop there. According to this tweet, he also apologized to his own cat.

According to his station bio, Lyden has been with KMSP for over 14 years and has covered everything form the Jeffrey Dahmer trial to the hunt for Andrew Cunanan.