KSWB Sports Anchor Calls Danica Patrick a ‘B—-‘

By Andrew Gauthier Comment

KSWB sports anchor Ross Shimabuku stopped just short of calling NASCAR driver Danica Patrick a bitch during a newscast last week.

Reporting on comments that Patrick had made about being called “sexy,” Shimabuku, who has been with the Fox-affiliate since 2009, suggested another word.

“It starts with a ‘B’ and it’s not ‘beautiful'” (video above).

Shimabuku followed up by saying, “She’s always got a chip on her shoulder, trying to prove something.”

“Well, she’s a woman trying to break in in a man’s world,” anchor Kathleen Bade told Shimabuku after his rant. “That cannot be easy.”

Video of Shimabuku’s b-word blunder, which occurred last Monday, was posted all over the internet this weekend as Patrick prepared for the Daytona 500 (the race is set to air tonight after a rain delay).

Shimabuku apologized for the incident last Tuesday. Here’s the video…